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Second Hand Electric Cars

Eco Cars specialises in second hand electric cars. Our business is run from Orkney and Leicestershire, and we have a passion for electric cars. We have been operating since the early nineties, and the majority of our own court are also electric, so we can give you expert consumer advice.

We provide a friendly service and we have a wide variety of electric eco-cars available.

We also renowned for friendly service, as well as our ability to help you find the ideal car for your unique needs.

We can also assist you with various accessories, making it easy for you to enjoy your eco-car.

Eco Cars Orkney - Used Eco Cars for Sale

When you visit us online you can find and electric eco car for your specific needs as well as your budget. We can help you to sell your car, which is a great way of getting the price you need for your car. We can also give you expert help and advice on choosing an electric car. We provide you with all the benefits and the requirements that you will need to be aware of.

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Used Electric Vehicles for Sale

Are you looking to buy  second hand electric cars.? Electric cars have plenty of benefits to offer, and they are very eco-friendly. They come in three levels in terms of the charging, so you can easily choose one that suits your needs. It is very easy to recharge these cars, as charging points are available in various locations. You can also benefit from government funding of up to 75 percent of the total cost of charging the vehicle. 

You can contact us for more details about used electric vehicles for sale. Find out about this and how you can benefit from it. Call 01856 751730 to find out more.